Corporate Social Responsibility

The GIS Group of Companies champions a “shared value” approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR) that reduces risk, enhances reputation and boosts competitiveness while simultaneously promoting the socio-economic well-being of the communities in which we operate.

GIS is in the process of forming the Spring Foundation, a non-profit entity that provides health and education services to rural communities in our project areas.

Health services are focused on the treatment of both chronic and acute diseases and educating villagers on preventative health care techniques. Our adult-focused education programs identify and sponsor high-potential young adults from both urban and rural areas to receive training and certifications in a variety of technical trades and fields. The Spring Foundation is also in the process of acquiring an orphanage that will seek to develop children’s full potential by providing a nurturing, family-like environment and scholarships to pursue higher education or technical training.


Capacity Development: Building capacity, not buying inputs

As a general principal, GIS’s corporate social responsibility programs strive to enable communities to use their natural and human resources more effectively. We promote self-reliance and discourage the “hand-out” seeking behavior that accompanies input-based CSR approaches.


Harmonization: Leveraging the past and present to create the future

At GIS, we design our CSR programs within the context of ongoing development activities in project area communities in order to maximize each program’s dollar-per-dollar impact and foster cooperative bonds with local governments, NGOs and the international development community.


Creating Value: Identifying opportunities and creating value

GIS employs its business development expertise in project area communities to build the capacity of local entrepreneurs and create indigenous income-generating mechanisms that improve livelihoods by empowering people.

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Sustainability through shared commitment

GIS actively promotes CSR initiatives on the basis of communities’ willingness to play a key role in project design and management, as demonstrated through the willful provisioning of community resources such as land and labor.

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Partnerships for mutual prosperity

GIS’s CSR activities involve regular and intentional dialogue with stakeholder groups in project areas that ensure the collective interests of all parties are honored and positive relationships are maintained.

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Education: Focusing on future generations to sustain change

GIS facilitates education initiatives at the village and township level designed to:

  1. complement and reinforce government-sponsored human resource development programs; and
  2. provide children with additional tools to participate proactively in both local and global marketplaces.