Core Businesses

GIS is an integrated oil field service company with active and expanding interests in the exploration and production of onshore and offshore wells.

O&G Services

GIS provides international and domestic oil companies with a wide variety of services that include but are not limited to: government outreach and relationship management; contract negotiation and review; seismic data acquisition and processing; logistics, freight forwarding and customs clearance; and complete camp construction and support.

Exploration and Production

In addition to oil and gas field services, GIS is also an oil and gas operating company. GIS is currently conducting an enhanced oil recovery campaign in cooperation with foreign partners in Central Myanmar using single-source, ultra-short radius horizontal-drilling technologies. GIS and its partners were awarded one onshore block (MOGE 4) in October 2013, and are optimistic about future bidding rounds.

Powering Progress, Empowering People

Energy is a prerequisite to every aspect of social and economic development. GIS’s commercial aspirations in the energy sector include the full range of traditional hydrocarbon-based fuel sources and generating technologies as well as small and large scale renewable and hybrid technologies. GIS is currently exploring options to enter the sector as a small power producer (SPP) and through the development of commercially viable micro-grids in remote, off-grid rural locations.