Group Structure


Global Integrated Service Co., Ltd. (GIS)

The Global Integrated Service (GIS) Group of Companies provides strategic consultancy and management services with a strong emphasis on the development of new business streams. The group is currently comprised of five core entities: Global Integrated Services Co., Ltd. (parent company); Integrated Technical Services Co., Ltd.; Cerise Star Services and Trading Co., Ltd.; Apex Geo Services Co., Ltd.; Ah Shae Yoyar 
Mining & Manufacturing Co., Ltd.; and Scenic Gateway Travels & Tours Co., Ltd.

Innovation, integration, integrity

Integrated Technical Systems Co., Ltd. (ITS) was established as a member company of the GIS Group in 2009 with an initial focus on large-scale development projects targeting Myanmar’s core economic sectors. ITS serves as the primary vehicle through which GIS facilitates partnerships, OEM representations and project-specific joint ventures with large multinationals. ITS is a TRACE Certified company.

Apex Geo LogoHydrocarbons and Renewable Energy

Geo Services Co., Ltd was founded in 2011 and reports to an independent board of directors. The company’s primary focal area is in the mining and hydrocarbon sectors, with an emphasis on the provision of comprehensive portfolio of geophysical and geological services. Apex Geo Services is currently working with foreign partners to create a full-service, geological processing and interpretation center that will provide our clients with valuable insight into the exploration and development of Myanmar’s onshore and offshore hydrocarbon reserves. With respect to the mining sector, our services will include: core sampling, geological surveys and analysis, reservoir modeling and economic analysis, and project management support.

Inside a mine